Estate Agent Telephone Answering | Beserved Case Study

Case Study: An estate agency in Essex

"I am more than happy with the service provided and look forward to many years working alongside the Beserved Team."

estate agents signsWe are a company of Estate And Letting agents based in Essex. We have been trading since May 2009. In October of last year, it came to our attention that we were missing a number of telephone calls, as the housing market was pulling out of the doldrums, and we were getting considerably busier, especially as our newly created Rental and Management department was picking up.

Being conscious of the fact that each missed call could be worth thousands of pounds in lost revenue, we considered what we needed to do to combat this. As a new business our budget could not extend to another member of staff to answer the missed calls, and especially not 2 (so as to cover each office).

Coincidentally, at this time I was contacted by Beserved. He explained his company’s service and how they could benefit us. We agreed to have a week’s free trial and subsequently had our telephone lines switched to the Beserved service (they answer the calls after 6 rings if not picked up by our staff), they then answer the call as if they were a member of our staff and e-mail us with any messages.

After the trial, we noted how many calls we were actually missing and went ahead with the Beserved ‘medium’ call package. After only a month we decided that this was not sufficient for us and upgraded to the ‘large’ call package.

I have been amazed at the difference in the level of business this has brought to my company, and even though we now have further members of staff in each office I have kept the Beserved service going as they are still answering many calls for us. The times I find that they are particularly useful are after hours and Sundays, where it looks as if our offices are open longer, thereby providing a better service to our customers. As the e-mails are also picked up by my smartphone if anything urgent needs addressing at these times it can be done from home.

The Beserved operators are always very friendly and if something has proved to be ‘mega-urgent’ have called me on my mobile to help customers out. They even put calls directly through to me.

I am more than happy with the service provided and look forward to many years working alongside the Beserved Team.