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Frequently asked questions

How does the answering service work?

Your caller dials your number which diverts to your dedicated Beserved number which in turn pops the screen for your Beserved PA who will answer as you have requested and the message will be delivered to you in your designated format (email / SMS or direct transfer).

How do I divert my Calls?

Most phone lines are easily set up to allow call divert. You can divert all your calls, or only when you are on another call, when there is no answer or after hours.

How long does it take to set me up?

It largely depends on the complexity, a simple set up takes just a few hours.

Can you supply a telephone number?

Beserved can supply a variety of numbers including local, non-geographic or premium rate.

Do I need to let you know when I am going to divert my calls?

No, just divert as and when you need our service.


Can you patch the call through to my mobile?

Yes, Beserved can transfer calls through to your mobile phone or an alternate fixed line.

Is it possible to transfer calls from more than one office or location?

Absolutely, if you want the calls answered differently we can provide a separate line for each.

What are your hours of operation?

We operate around the clock 365 days of the year.

Where are my calls answered?

All calls are answered in the UK.

How is your service charged?

BeServed spends time with all prospective clients finding out exactly what their requirements are to gain an insight into the number of calls they are likely to receive and the nature of those calls. It is only at this stage BeServed is able to quote the right package. Rest assured, we are always very competitive.

Why is it better to use your service than divert calls to my mobile?

A professional PA is always available, your caller will get a friendly human person to receive their call, especially important if you are in a meeting, at a noisy location or lose your phone signal.