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5 Benefits of a Virtual Reception

Virtual Reception: A system to have your calls answered in your name and transferred to your business from a remote reception.

1. Flexibility

Most businesses love the flexibility of using a virtual reception service. The features available with virtual switchboard services enhance the services available for call management. Also if your company operates from different locations including overseas or have people working from home or on the road they receive the same reception services as those office based.

2. Business Image Improvement

When linked with an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system the virtual switchboard service adds to the image of professionalism and gives the impression and the presence of a large organisation. Portraying a professional image is especially important for first-time callers, it gives the business a “competitive edge”.

These services not only enable professionalism when greeting customers live but with IVR enabled callers can be promptly directed to the right department or person by dialling the telephone keypad, ensuring that the caller gets to the correct person or department first time (Press 1 for accounts, 2 for sales, 3 for deliveries etc).

3. A massive reduction in wasted or missed calls

The majority of small businesses value the business they receive and work very hard to attract prospective customers, therefore find it very frustrating to lose business by missing calls.

4. Office Hours Synchronization

Automating the phone system to synchronize with your businesses opening and closing times. This means you can handle calls at different times of the day, after hours, overnight or during holidays accordingly. This enables companies to manage and organise your calls much more efficiently, especially calls that come in after hours.

5. Gain Control

Small businesses are choosing to use Virtual Switchboard Services because of the level of control they have over their incoming phone calls, usually seen as a major benefit. Being able to make adjustments and changes whenever needed is regarded as a significant bonus. This control is especially important as many businesses change their requirements from day to day and week to week.

I think we can say in conclusion that increasing competitive advantage, improving time managementflexibility and efficiency are key drivers in the implementation of virtual switchboard services.

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