17 Reseason Your Business Should Invest In An Answering Service

Do you need an Answering Company?

“We use an Answering Machine”

Many independent studies have shown that nearly 80% of NEW callers will not leave a message on an answerphone or voicemail. Which begs the question “how much new business are you losing when you are already on the phone, away from your desk or after hours”. Give BeServed a try, you might be surprised!

“We divert our calls to a mobile”

The mobile phone is a godsend, its invention changed the way we all do business. However, it is not always ideal to receive a call on your mobile, for instance, how do you deal with calls received on your mobile when you are in a client meeting, when you are driving if you are asleep etc? If you do answer when in these less than ideal situations are you able to give the caller your undivided attention?

“We Have Enough Staff”

Do you really have enough staff, do your callers never get the engaged tone/voicemail/answerphone? What happens if everyone is already engaged on the phone, are you covered at lunchtimes, do you have staff available in the evenings, at the weekend or when staff are on holiday?

“It is too Expensive”

The age-old answer is “compared to what?”An average call cost might be around the £1 mark, so, if a new sale is worth less than £1 to you then yes an answering service might be too expensive. We are happy to say that this is not normally the case. When we hear this statement posed in relation to the monthly fee we offer a cast iron guarantee – if you can find a receptionist that will answer all your calls for a wage of less than £56 per month (legally) you can have the service for free!

“We’re too Small for the Service”

If I had a penny for every time a business owner says “we’re too small” I would indeed be a rich man! After all, the small business entrepreneur is our natural customer, he takes on many roles and has much to do but does not always have the time or capacity to answer every phone call. Our small business customers feel the service we provide is a necessity. When they are out of the office they don’t have to worry about the phones because we have them covered, which means they can go out, meet their customers and never miss on new business opportunities.

“We’re too big for an answering Service”

It’s sometimes true but not usually. We work for larger companies who have a dedicated reception but even these customers are concerned that they might lose calls when all reception phones are engaged or during lunch hours. We act as the backstop – answering any calls that would otherwise be missed and calls received at unsocial hours.

“We’re not missing business”

Do you know that for sure? You can never be certain unless you test. If we come across a business owner who feels this way we can offer a trial period to double check, after all, there is nothing to lose – its a free trial.

“My partner will pick them up”

How do they feel about it and what if they have something else that needs their attention? What happens if two or more calls come in when both you and your partner are on the phone (It does happen)? An easy solution is to divert your calls to an answering service rather than your partner. Alternatively, you can always divert to your answering service when your partner is on the phone.

“We don’t want other people taking our calls”

This is an understandable concern for some more complex businesses. However, part of our set up process is to get a good understanding of your business, your products and/or services, the type of calls you might receive and how each should be dealt with. Of course, we can never be as expert as you but we like to be as good as we can be. Even without being experts there is still the knotty issue of what would happen if you’re busy on the phone dealing with one customer and another or even two more calls come in at once? What would happen to those calls?

“I like to take my own calls”

Absolutely, but what happens when you are already on the phone, busy on another task or with a client? At the minimum, you’d want to make sure you capture the callers’ details so you can call them back when you are less busy. In this scenario passing your calls across to an answering service when you are unable to take a call would be an ideal solution.

“We are open until …”

What about weekends? Do you answer every call? We could act as an overflow service for you when you’re busy or when you have closed for the day. Many of our clients use our service for capturing calls after hours or at the weekend, its a great way to test the service whilst also making sure you don’t miss any calls.

“You will just add to our workload”

That’s not the idea, an answering service can actually free up more time for you to take care of other important aspects of your business.

“I don’t care about new business”

If this is a true statement then I wish I was in your line of work! You may not need any new business but what about your existing clients, do they matter? We can make sure that your current client’s calls are answered when you are already on the phone or out of reach.

“I’ve only just started my business”

As we know only too well starting a new business takes a lot of effort, time and money. You will often find yourself wearing many hats at once, an answering service allows you to relax a little knowing that your calls are being professionally answered. Secondly, an answering service gives the impression to callers that you are a mature business.

“My phone won’t divert”

If you are unable to divert your telephones then there is usually someone in our organisation who can help. If we are unable to do it ourselves we have plenty of industry contacts who we are able to call upon to assist.

“I’ve tried this before, it didn’t work”

This is a fairly rare occurrence unless the answering company did a really bad job it’s not likely that an answering service can fail to offer some benefit to most businesses. We use a system called Microsoft CRM so we don’t need to write anything down on paper, unlike some companies. After the message is taken it is sent straight through to you in a format of your choice, and you will feel safe knowing that any new business is captured and current clients receive a smiley professional welcome from your PA.

“We already use an Answering Service”

That’s great. Do they offer a 24-hour service? Are you happy with the quality of the messages you receive? Do they answer the calls within 4 rings every time? If you answered no to any of these then we would be delighted to offer you a free trial of our services. We charge one price for ALL calls, day or night. Answer all calls within 4 rings and can deliver your messages in the format of your choice within two minutes (usually faster) of the call ending.

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