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Appointments & Scheduling

Let us help your business organise sales meetings and service visits.

The BeServed web diary compliments our telephone answering service, be fully “hands off” when it comes to booking and scheduling appointments. BeServed takes the call, book the appointment in your diary, all the time you have full control of what slots can be booked and visibility of appointments scheduled.

The diary gives businesses of all sizes, located anywhere in the world, the ability to work collaboratively with the same ease as multi-national corporations. With a unique colour coding system and see-at-a-glance event technology, the diary is used by a wide variety of businesses.

Using the diary you can make sure that your business processes are more efficient. You can manage appointments, organise staff and allocate resources (like staff and vehicles).

The Diary is very easy to use and offers some incredible features:

  • Set up private and shared diaries for different users
  • Organise business contacts
  • Create events and tasks
  • Automatic emailing, texting and faxing to any of your contacts

Key Features

The Beserved diary works directly in your web browser so there’s nothing to download or install meaning it can be used wherever in the world you are, on whatever computer you have access to.

The diary is hosted on a secure server and you connect to it over a 128bit SSL (secure socket layer) – the same connection used to make credit/debit card payments.

Your diary can be kept completely private or you can choose which of your colleagues you share it with. It’s your choice.

When creating an event (like a meeting or appointment) – the diary automatically checks all diaries in your account to make sure there isn’t a conflict with another event. Choose from your contacts list who will be attending and the diary can will send an invitation to them by email, SMS or fax. The diary will even send reminders to the attendees beforehand (anytime from a week before to just 15 minutes).

Existing contacts on other software like outlook or outlook express are easily imported into your address book. Contacts are easily organised into different groups with the click of a mouse.

With a couple of clicks of the mouse The diary can be easily updated to reflect whatever time zone you’re in and update appointments automatically.

The Diary has many features and it’s a great tool to make your business and life more organised. Use the “notes” and “to-do” lists to make sure you never forget anything, ever again!

Key Benefits

The diary can easily be used to organise sales staff, engineers or a remote workforce. And for the first time ever you can share diaries without having to have expensive software like Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes. Because the diary is web based it can be accessed from any computer connected to the internet so it’s a great way to share diaries and contacts easily to serve your customers’ needs better.

Recent research carried out across the health and service sectors has shown that more than 10% of appointments turned out as DNAs (did not attend). The cost of missed appointments to the NHS and other health practices is millions upon millions of pounds every year.

With the Diary, a personalised SMS, email or FAX is automatically sent to the attending contacts delivering a lasting and professional impression to your customers.

Everybody knows how easy it is to use a written diary, just find the date and write-in the appointment. The diary is just as easy to use and makes common tasks simple. Imagine if an employee is unavailable for their appointments on a particular day, with the click of a mouse you can easily transfer all the existing appointments to another employee – it really is that simple.

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