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Insulation Assessors

I have been using Beserved’s answering service for over 4 years now and I can highly recommend them. I tried several call answering Companies before I found Beserved who, from the ones I tried, offer the best service by miles!

I use telephone logging software which shows how many calls were received,  how many answered, how long it took the operator to answer, how long the call was for, etc. etc. and was absolutely shocked by the amount of calls which go unanswered by so called ‘call answering’ companies.

For example, one company  I tried received 37 incoming calls in a day and only answered 19 of them!

All other companies showed similarly poor answer rates – except for Beserved!

If Beserved had 37 incoming calls they answered 37 calls! Their service is exceptional with a constant near 100% answer rate. I know this for a fact because I monitor and check the answer rates on the incoming calls all the time and no other company I tried came anywhere near to Beserved for quality of service and efficiency!